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One in three kids use mobile phone or tablet before they can speak full sentences | Mail Online

lee9 on News - Research carried out for pressure group Common Sense Media revealed that 29 per cent of children start using the gadgets as toddlers.

It was on the news today how some family are letting their 4 to 6yr old use of mobile phones, has this family lost the plot when are they going to realize the damage, use of mobile phone at a earlier age will do to the child...

National Lottery Has Lost The Plot To increase Price

lee9 on News - What is national lottery thinking by increasing the national lottery price from £1 to £2" I don't no of any one that has won the the jackpot Since 2002 in London don't forget the majority of the national lottery play are all from London instead the winners are always from country side you don't even know exist in UK my question is this fare to the hopeful players in London thinking today will be my chance only to find out a pensioner that only played one line has won it on the countryside let not full our selves the only reason why Londoners has not would not win the jackpot is Camelot think