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Learn how to recover lost data and files

forappslove7 on Business Post - You've just realized that you've mistakenly deleted an important folder from your computer and would like to know if there's a quick and "painless" way to deal with it? Have you deleted a folder from your mobile phone's memory and would you like to see if you can fix it? Lucky for you, you happened upon the right guide at the right time. If you give me a few moments of your precious time, in fact, I can show you how to deal with the situation.

Starting from the assumption that yes, it is possible to recover a deleted folder, in the following lines I'm going to show you, in a simple but not so detailed way, how to do it using some special functions provided by the various operating systems and ad hoc applications.

Before proceeding, however, know that the success of the operation depends on several factors: first of all the activation or not of the backups (local or cloud) on the device and then the state of the memory. You should know, in fact, that if the memory sectors containing the folders of your interest are overwritten by new data, you won't be able to do much. Is that clear? Well, then I wish you a good read and good luck with everything!

How to recover deleted folder from PC

Are you using a computer with Windows installed and would you like to understand how to recover a deleted folder from it? Then follow the instructions below. I'm already anticipating that you can do it, depending on the circumstances, by working on the Recycle Bin, using a backup feature built into the latest Microsoft operating systems and data recovery programs.



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