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4 Points Of Differences Between A Ball Pen & A Roller Ball Pen

elkospens on Business Post - Many a time, ball pens and rollerball pens get people confused due to their similar names. But both these pens have their unique attributes. Ball pens and rollerball pens derive their names from the tips that have ball-bearing. This system helps in channelizing the ink smoothly yet at a regulated pace to avoid excess flow and spillage.
But, What Makes These Pens Different?
In this article, we will be highlighting the points of differences between these two based on
1. Quality of Ink
Rollerball pens have water-based thin ink that has gel-like or liquidy consistency. The ink has a flow like that of fountain pens, hence it takes time to dry.
Ballpoint pens have oil-based ink. They have a thick consistency. They may not dry up over time like rollerball pens but they can become sticky and form blobs that make it difficult for the pen to write.
2. Bleeding Attributes
Rollerball inks are said to bleed frequently through paper. If the ink is thin or the paper is of compromised quality, each stroke of rollerball pen seeps through the back of the paper creating a botch.
Ball pen inks are thick and they tend to bleed less, no matter what kind of paper is used.
3. Physical Attributes
Due to the difference in inks, the barrels used in ball pens and rollerball pens are different as well. As the water-based ink can dry out, rollerball pens generally come with a covering cap, so that the nib is devoid of touching the air.
Ball pen inks do not dry out from air and so; many of them are also built with a click or twist mechanism.
4. Difference in Price
The basic roller ball pen models are a bit on the expensive side when as compared to ballpoint pens. Rollerball pens are considered luxury items to many as their strokes are considered to be more vibrant and sharper.
On the other hand, ballpoint pens are lighter and their inks seem more deliberate. The prevalence of using ballpoint pens is more than as they are economical but there are also some expensive ballpoint pen models available, that are mainly used for gifting purposes.

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