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moontechnolabscom 1588 days ago on News - Apple just launched its latest iOS update, 10.3, and quietly added a few features that should make your current iPhone (or iPad) feel like it's moving a bit faster.

Alongside a slew of Siri tweaks and AirPods support, iOS 10.3 marks Apple's move to a new Apple File System. According to Business Insider's Kif Leswing, this changes how the device stores and locates data. With the upgrade from HFS+, the new Apple File System is expected to help iPhones and iPads run "more smoothly going forward."

Apple engineer Renaud Lienhart tweeted Monday that the new iOS feels "snappier" because many animations had been slightly altered "for the better." For at least one early adopter, non-old phones equipped with the new update now feel "slightly more responsive" than before. The Verge's Tom Warren added that users shouldn't expect to notice an increase in speed immediately, but apps requiring high amounts of data writing may seem faster right out of the gate.

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