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Couples Counseling in Chennai

cbrtindia on Business Post - TATVAMASI Offers counseling in chennai can help you understand the root causes of your negative feelings. TATVAMASI Academy offering training on various streams such as Stress Management,Face Reading & Body Language,Handwriting Analysis and Graphology,Personality Development,Therapeutic Yoga, Indian Vaastu Shastra, Indian Numerology, Vedic Astrology, counsellors in Chennaiuse the most researched approaches to treat couples in distress and offer Family Counselling in Chennai. One of the most commonly used therapies is the behavioural ‘couples therapy’. This therapy is one of the best treatments used for marital discord. This therapy has evolved a lot in the recent times, and is now called the integrative couples therapy. The most important function of a licensed couple’s therapist is to listen, understand, respect and facilitate better functioning between the two people.


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