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How to Build Durable and Eco-Friendly With Cork Tiles?

RafaelNadal on Business Post - Do some internet research and ask a few professionals about the different materials available for flooring, you may learn that cork tiles are one of the best choices. Cork is hypoallergenic and extremely eco-friendly. This material is harvested only from the the cork oak tree’s bark, which is highly regenerable. The tree can regenerate its bark without suffering any damage itself. The final bark product is 100% recyclable and bio-degradable. If you are worried about plastics and xenoestrogens intoxications, don’t be, there shouldn’t be any concerns as this material, in its natural state, is absolutely free of those.

Our agglomerate cork floors will also give a somewhat elastic feel when pressed upon. This will make walking on the cork flooring very enjoyable and healthy for your feet and joints. It is also exceptionally well insulated from an acoustic standpoint, so if you destest an old and noisy floor, like those in a horror movie, with this biomaterial that will not be a problem. Stepping on it will not make any noise.

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