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moontechnolabscom 1538 days ago on News - Apple just launched its latest iOS update, 10.3, and quietly added a few features that should make your current iPhone (or iPad) feel like it's moving a bit faster.

Alongside a slew of Siri tweaks and AirPods support, iOS 10.3 marks Apple's move to a new Apple File System. According to Business Insider's Kif Leswing, this changes how the device stores and locates data. With the upgrade from HFS+, the new Apple File System is expected to help iPhones and iPads run "more smoothly going forward."

Apple engineer Renaud Lienhart tweeted Monday that the new iOS feels "snappier" because many a

Top 7 tips to Outsource your App Development Efficiently

moontechnolabscom 1538 days ago on News - As a business owner, you might be having a terrific product or service and want to create an App to engage your customers more or to increase your revenues. But size, budget, lack of tech team, etc. can be obstacles for your in-house App development.
The solution is, to outsource your App development to the right mobile app development company to execute your business App idea.
Step – 1 Defining your requirements for App Development

Be as clear as possible as to what your requirements for your App are
Who is the target customer?
What is going to be the key feature?
Is the App going to

Want to know how much it costs to develop a Taxi App like Uber?

moontechnolabscom 1540 days ago on News - Uber revolutionized the world of Apps when it came up with the Taxi App in 2009. The App became a huge success and many companies have tried to follow suit to emulate the success.
So, if you want to design and build Taxi app clone, let us analyze the required features, time and cost to develop Taxi App:
A typical Taxi App Development consists of 3 modules, viz.
Passenger App
Driver App, and the
Admin Panel
If you are looking to develop a Taxi App, get in touch with us at Moon Technolabs, one of India’s leading Web and Mobile App development companies.

iBeacon vs Eddystone – which is the best option for your Beacon Projec

moontechnolabscom 1551 days ago on News - A comprehensive & comparative study of iBeacon vs Eddystone, the leading Beacon Technologies, on which is the best option for your First Beacon App Project.
The emergence of futuristic technologies is blurring the fine lines between the real and the digital worlds. This is even more apparent in the business arena, where technology is being increasingly deployed to enhance customer interaction. One such revolutionizing concept that is creating waves recently is the Beacon Technology.
In simple words, Beacons are low-power transmitters that are equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy. These device

Factors that will mold Android App Development in 2017

moontechnolabscom on Business Post - Factors that will mold Android App Development in 2017

Cloud-Based Android App Development

I am excited while writing on this point. The reason?
Well, cloud finally got the attention and position that it deserved in this market.
Small and medium-sized enterprises have gained a lot from cloud computing.
Because cloud offers seamless integration and multi-device synchronization of apps the whole transition has been smooth especially from a business point of view.
From a developer point of view, Cloud has helped them decrease the overall app development cycle, making android app develo

UPI Payment Gateway – The future of online payment

moontechnolabscom 1561 days ago on News - Recently there has been a lot of buzz happening in the Indian Banking and Finance sector. Next only to the Demonetization scheme announced by our PM Mr. Modi, the term that is garnering a lot of interest is the UPI Payment Gateway.
What exactly is it? How does it work, and how is it different from the various e-wallets we all have got used to? Let’s find out.
What is UPI?

Simply put, UPI stands for Unified Payment Interface. It is a payment method that facilitates the transfer of money between any two bank accounts using a smartphone. Initiated by the NPCI, with support from RBI, UPI ena

Top 8 Collaboration Tools that Designers and Freelancers must check ou

moontechnolabscom 1567 days ago on News - The workplace in a modern Web Design Company like yours is a dynamic one with various teams working on different projects in different stages. Your design and development team may be made of technicians from various backgrounds and departments, who in turn can be either internal staff or external freelancers or employees who telecommute.
This kind of situation may lead to frustrations arising out of delays in responding to queries, miscommunication, lack of unified understanding, etc.
Thankfully, various Online Collaboration Tools are available in the market that can simplify the life of yo

Top 12 methods to increase User Engagement and Retention for your App

moontechnolabscom on Business Post - Engaging a Tech company’s mobile app development services or hire a mobile app developer, to design and develop an App for your business is not sufficient anymore.
Studies suggest that users abandon 20% of Apps after using them just once, and have an average of 30 apps on their device at any point. Hence, it is important to develop your App in an engaging way that also makes it align with your overall mobile app marketing and branding strategy.

Boost User Engagement for your App

The following methods will help to improve app engagement and retention.

The first impression is the bes

Android’s Live Testing Apps by Google is a Next Step to Future

moontechnolabscom 1585 days ago on News - Apps are in vogue. They are a boon that makes life easier for everyone. They have changed life from being complex to easy. No wonder, wherever you are, you can pay, book, reserve, and chat at any point of time. Every day, Android Developers bring in some new changes and additions to them to make it reliable and worthy.
Google did marvelous job by introducing live testing of Google’s Instant apps. In the recent keynote at Google I/O, it introduced new services and tools, which will help organize life.
It lets you see the product at raw base and to make changes. Android Developers will be abl

Grow your small business with these simple tips and tricks

moontechnolabscom on Business Post - Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, you have taken the plunge into starting your own business. You have Mobile app development and a few other Small business ideas chalked in your growth plan.
But you don’t have the scope and budget to hire experts or consultants to accomplish this. Worry not, these insights and hacks will help you grow your small business fast.
Tips to grow small business
Core Competence
Try to identify your core competence area and focus on just one or two of your strengths, instead of getting into many areas and spreading your efforts thin. A focused approach helps you